Mold Removal Lawton, OK

We Offer Mold Remediation and Air Purification Services in Lawton, OK

Remove Mold From Your Property

It doesn't take much moisture to fuel the formation of mold in your home or office. High Rising Water Restoration offers mold remediation services to rid your property of mold. The entire process involves:

  • Locating the source of moisture
  • Fixing the water or moisture problem
  • Isolating the location of mold
  • Removing any wet material
  • Cleaning all the surfaces
  • Drying the area from moisture
  • Repairing the affected area

In addition to addressing the direct source and location of mold, we will also take care of air purification. Call us today to schedule mold remediation in the Lawton, OK area.

We also offer water damage repairs and drying

High Rising Water Restoration also provides cleaning services to remove the potential for mold growth. This includes carpet cleaning, odor treatments, pad replacements and air duct cleaning. We can dry out areas that have been affected by flooding or water damage through the use of fans and dehumidifiers. Get the water damage repairs you need by contacting High Rising Water Restoration today.